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SCUBA Courses
Mostly Ala Carte!
At Customer's Convenience
#1   FREE online academics at your convenience.
SSI Online Training & Online Services  
Click on the link above to go to SCUBA Schools International (SSI) Online Training.
When you register, AFFILIATE with ATLANTIS DIVERS Vernal, UT:
we will receive verification that you have completed the academic training.

When you have completed academics, come into Atlantis Divers, 206 W Main Street, Vernal:
 Take a written final test
and Register for the pool training.

Don't hesitate to check with us if you have any difficulty with registration or the training modules.

#2    Pool Training @ Rangely Recreation Center
Community Swimming Pool

in Rangely, CO
Mask, Snorkel, Fins & Dive Boots
are required
Pool-Training Purchases from Atlantis Divers!!!

#3  Open Water training

Check out

Atlantis Divers® Features
The Largest Spearfishing Inventory!

In Stock!!!
In The Entire Intermountain Region !!!!!!!!!!!
Stop in and see for yourself !!!!!!

We are in the process of liquidating ALL of our RENTAL
Masks, Snorkles, BCDs and Fins!
Stop in while they last!!

We Thank You for Your Continued Support!

Rangely Recreation Center
Wonderful staff to Work with
Community Swimming Pool

Rangely, CO

Let's Get Ready to Rock'nRoll

Email Michael


Do you have dive insurance? 


Equipment Sales & Rental
Hot Items!!!!
Techie Equipment

"While you are having fun!"
Watch out for this threat! <<click
It only takes a few minutes of your time!!
And could very well save our fisheries!

Links to our Friends
Loyal Customers

Maps of Local area Facilities (slow load)
Service & Repair
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(new info 1/19/2013)
@"Trips & Travel"@
Commercial Diving
Divers Talk'n
""""Make a Wish""""


Utah SCUBA diving, cold water specialists: Altitude diving, Ice diving, Dry Suit diving, Search and Recovery,
Decompression, Solo diving and of course all the regular specialties. We do commercial search, recovery and repair. Contact us at email

Where getting wet is our specialty!

206 West Main Street Vernal, Utah 84078

                                                                                                                                   photo by Paul Carroll

In light of most training agencies preaching the mask on the forehead
is a sign of a diver in stress and/or there is a potential of the diver
loosing their mask and snorkel $$$$.

Some ask why I continually wear my mask on my forehead?
The truth of the matter is,

I'm a retailer !$!$!$!
What do you want to do with Scuba?
Contact us so we can help you attain your goals.
We'll talk to you soon.

just doit


We'll work with you - NO Matter who certified you or no mater where you received your certification card.
We offer  SSI Certification : you don't have to switch, enjoy the programs you are comfortable with.
We only ask you to KEEP WET!!!.

PADI wants us back!
What's your opinion?

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While they last!!!!!!!


Make an Offer on Any
Wetsuit in Stock

We are in the process of liquidating ALL of our RENTAL
Masks, Snorkles and Fins!
M/S/F are required Pool Training Purchases!
We Thank You for Your Continued Support!


Grand America Cenote on the Yucatan Peninsula
Would you be interested in a trip to visit warm water cenotes (underwater caverns)
 South of Playa del Carmen on the Mexican Riviera?


contact Michael 


Flaming Gorge is  always calling for advanced divers!
Comonin and let's go diving!!

Flaming Gorge diving? Give us a call!!!! 
A Great time for specialty dives!!!

What's on the Calendar ?

Upcoming courses include:

Open Water SCUBA Courses
(Confined Water Training @ Rangely Aquatic Center)
We'd Love to get our Underwater Hockey Program Oporational!!
email for details
Stress & Rescue,
Deep & Night Diver
Underwater Clean-up is ongoing with every dive.
any time!

Winter months combinations of
Drysuit, EANXX, Buoyancy and Ice Diver are available.

Please let us know if we haven't listed YOUR favorite dive specialty!
email your address to enjoy constant updates of what we are doing. email

Come see us, Where else would you certify for
SOLO Diving?
And your SOLO Diving Instructor certification!

Drysuit and Nitrox certifications are continuously offered for your convenience!

Your training program begins when your dollar hits the counter (now that is fast)!!!

The certification you've dreamed of!!!!
Solo Diving specialty academics at your convenience

Sign up NOW for Open Water Scuba Instructor Training program. (see instruction )

Underwater Photography available at any and all open water training (anytime as well).

This is Dry Suit Specialty season - come join us!

Advanced programs are available almost every Friday evening through Sunday.

Let's Schedule Your
Master Diver Certification

Call 435-789-3616 or Email for more information: ® atlantisdivers@sbtnet.com


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Lake Powell Spearfishing is a Fact of Life!!
There are about six species that NO
Utah Spearing record has been posted.

Young Ladies Sport Fish'n

Be sure to pick up your 2011 Utah &/or Arizona Fishing License/stamp

2012 fishing guidebook

We have a full complement of Spearfishing supplies in stock!


Flaming Gorge

Burbot Hunt
Call or email Anytime

Drysuit Burbot Spearfishing!!!

Always take necessary measures
to prevent the spread
Quagga & Zebra Mussels!

Watch out for this threat! <<click


not posted at of this date
click here

(We have the largest & most complete Riffe selection of spearfishing equipment in Utah.)
(or Contact us to order just about anything not in stock that you would like!!)

OMER Catalog

Closeouts & Overstock Sale!!!


YES !!  It is,
the 1980s version of the
Lost City of Atlantis

We are servicing
Paint ballers
With $15.00 air Fills

Comonin !!  What's better for someone than to dive every weekend and two days a week as well?
Atlantis Divers® is located between the twin canoe anchors on Main Street, Vernal, Utah.
Our training policy is, when your dollar hits the counter, we are working for you!.

Regular staff is whoever is here when "you" get here.




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