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Did Your dive headquarters put a diving computer in your hands during training?
Atlantis Divers® Does!!!!

Atlantis Divers® is the technology store.  If we don't have it, we will get it!!
SSI   Open Water Diver through Dive Control Specialist

SSI Online Training & Online Services

Free On-Line SSI Diver Training


HSA Open Water through Advanced

        Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) honored Michael Weyland (HSA Instructor) and (Sharon Weyland as (HSA Divemaster).  Therefore the boundaries have been lifted for some of our friends with disabilities to enjoy Scuba Diving.  Let's make the most of this opportunity, contact your friends and relatives with disabilities and encourage them to come on in and try scuba.

           Cary is a T-10 Paraplegic with a heart and spirit that can move mountains. Look-at-him-go !!!!


           Nervous                                                      Just a little help                                                 Self propelled



SDI/TDI/ERDI     Open Water Diver through Dive Instructor

 SDI On Line Training

 March 2000 we were able to bring SDI/TDI (Scuba Diving International/Technical Diving International) training programs into our repertoire.  This means, those who possess the desire, experience, and maturity to venture into technical diving now have an avenue to obtain training with proper credentials and structured programs.  We were some of the first to be offering Solo Diving Certification NOW!!  As time goes on we will be blending most gas mixes used in recreational SCUBA diving and a few for use in our commercial ventures.

Get ready for Decompression Diver Certification!!

We are presently hosting an approved/certified Scuba Diving International/ Technical Diving International (SDI/TDI) Instructor Trainer.
This asset to our business will also be an asset to the Instructor candidate that wishes to go a bit beyond the
main stream recreational certification levels offered by traditional scuba diver training organizations.
Feel free to give Michael a call at 435-789-3616 to discuss your possibilities in this fascinating other world of diving and diving instruction.

A special note concerning all of our training programs!!
We hope not to upset our customers, However, We do not sell certifications, We ask you to earn them.
We apologize if this puts you in an unfamiliar situation, But due to an integrity thing, we must carry on in this manner.

Thank you,
The management of Atlantis Divers®

Receiving Quality Is Like Buying Oats
You Can Purchase Quality Oats For A Fair Price
or if you would rather
You Can Pick Up The Ones That Have Already Been Through The Horse!!

          Advanced programs are available at your convenience.
Remember, the advance program is where you pick up that valuable experience under supervision that upgrades your confidence and in turn develops a comfortable and mature diver.

            email for details and lets go diving Now Now Now!!!                                   

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Hey!! Check out the fun specialties Atlantis Divers® has to offer!!

ERD (Emergency Response Diver) Apprentice  Police, Fire and Search & Rescue Training

ERD1 (Emergency Response Diver) Level One  Police, Fire and Search & Rescue Training

ERD2 (Emergency Response Diver) Level Two  Police, Fire and Search & Rescue Training

SDI Instructor, a more advanced training philosophy of training.

TDI Instructor, the technical point of view for divers.

Altitude Diver, special considerations for our beautiful high mountain lakes.

Boat Diver, gets you acquainted with the best mode of travel to unique dive sites.

CPROX, streamlined CPR Oxygen administration.

                                  NOCTURNAL LIGHTS

Deep Diver, for the adventurous diver, exploring the bountiful bottoms.

Drift Diver, ambling along with currents like skiing underwater.

Dry Suit Diver, perfect way to expand your diving season without extensive travel.

                                    NOCTURNAL LIGHTS                      

Equipment Specialist, get to really know your SCUBA equipment .

Ice Diver, for the most adventurous diver, crystal clear cold diving.

Multi-Level Diver, learn how to get safe extended bottom times.  

                              NOCTURNAL LIGHTS

Night Diver, go diving when the animals come out to play.

Nitrox Diver, extend your bottom times and reduce your nitrogen obligation.

Peak Performance Buoyancy, perfect weightless flying underwater.

Rebreathers are here, train for or purchase the ultimate in diving pleasure.

River Diver, get the skills needed for the most adventurous diving in the world.

                          NOCTURNAL LIGHTS

Search and Recovery, lets go find some booty and take it home safely.

Solo Diving, fantastic freedome dives.

Underwater Hunter, spearfishing and crayfish hunting.

Underwater Naturalist, great for the lovers of plants, animals and sightseers.

Underwater Navigator, what a great way to find your way back

                                  NOCTURNAL LIGHTS

Underwater Photographer, not just pictures - but documentation of what you have witnessed.

                       Ocean Reef Systems

Underwater Communications, master hand signals and/or electronic systems as well - Look Ma I'm Talking.

Particulars, More information for you.

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Specialty Certifications

Nitrox for recreational diving.  Everybody's talking about it, We're doinit.  Commonin and enjoy the experience.  Read your text, participate in classroom interaction and two nitrox dives.  That's all it takes to enjoy this great asset to diving.

Ice Diving:  An adventure for the most adventurous.  Six hours of study and lecture, three open water (yea sure through a hole in the ice!) dives over two days.  And a certification you will treasure and talk about forever.

Underwater Communications:  Use the Inspiro Divator full face mask and receiver or the buddy phone mouthpiece and/or receiver systems as well as manning the electronic surface communications system.  Enjoy the thrill of being able to talk to your buddy underwater.

We have some of the best Dirty Water Navigation Sites -- ultimate sites to become expert underwater navigators. When you are trained in an awful environment the rest of the world is easy!

Yep, we do the same for Search and Recovery courses!!  Hands on funnn!!

You haven't done underwater Naturalist diving until you have done the River!!!   Dozens of varieties of wildlife including mammals, fish, insects, reptiles, and humans.  The plant life is out of this world
           (prerequisites apply for river diving)

River??   Need -- four good divers - willing to face adventure, challenge and fun.  Be prepared for adventure, observing over 1000 fish per day, locate booty of enormous abundance, and meet fellow adventurers seeking enjoyment in kind.
    Seven miles of underwater wildlife, vegetation, structure, awesome visibility and wonderful scenery on the surface.  You really need our River Dive!!!  The river is the closest you can encounter inland that would compare to the California kelp forests.  See calendar.

For a river dive, the raft carries extra cylinders, food, Gatorade, tired divers, and any booty we find.

Photos by Carol Parrish
          ((You're not going to believe this -- But Really -- No Charge River Diving.))
           (some restrictions apply)

Multi-Level dives to 100 feet at 6000 foot elevation.  WOW two specialties at once!!
 We have some walls over 300 foot tall that are absolutely awesome! Bring along your Peak Performance Buoyancy, you'll need it.

Equipment:   You get the unique opportunity to get into the nitty gritty of real equipment.

Photography -- Not the mundane -- Just the best locations!! See River Diving.

Yes!! I'm having fun!!!!

                                                                                Photo by -- MRW

Peak Performance Buoyancy -- Now !!  Not some time in the future - That's the way to really love your dives.

Rebreather Diving is the ultimate in recreational diving.  Neutral buoyancy all the time, weight integration,  very few bubbles to disturb your photo subject, longer bottom times, shorter decompression obligation and warm moist air.  We teach the Atlantis 1, Draeger Ray, and the Draeger Dolphin rebreather units.  Nitrox specialty certification required.

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            Please pre register in order to participate in the following:

Open Water Diver, sign up now!!!!

Advanced programs are available almost every Friday evening through Sunday.

Divemaster or DiveCon Program in full swing - if you want to join us contact ASAP!!

Ice Diver Specialty, February 2010

Nitrox certification (required for Rebreather use)

Rebreather Certification  Pick your Rebreather certification level -- Atlantis I, Draeger Ray or the Draeger Dolphin
We'll work with you and your schedule to accomplish your Rebreather certification goal!!

Attention Attention Attention!!!!
If your contemplating purchasing a Draeger rebreather you must contact Atlantis Divers
as soon as possible.
        "Please do not disregard this notice to save money!!!"




SOLO Diver prerequisites21 or older, 100 logged dives, advanced diver or equivalent, liability release, honest medical questionnaire and medical release if necessary, (personal exposure protection - 5 mm, foot and hand thermo protection), exposure protection for cold water diving, compass, knife, all standard diving equipment, redundant air supply, lift bag, surface audible alarm device, surface visual alarm device, a realization that this is NOT a handshake certification, 10 hours plus of your time and $200.00 plus tax
We have all of these items at the store for purchase or rent!!

For more information:  email

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